Tips on Caring for Your Painted and Polished Alloy Wheels in London

Tips and advice from London Diamond Alloys, on how to care for your newly refurbished alloy wheels


Diamond cut alloy wheels need specialist care and servicing, so we advise that they are cleaned at least twice a week with a car sponge and a mild wheel cleaner to keep them in top condition.

BEWARE Car Wash Centres – these car valeting centres may use a dilutable acid to quickly wash your alloys. It has been documented that dilutable acid is an aggressive acid that will damage any refurbished alloy. This would not be covered by your warranty.

Over time, water can seep in and damage your wheels; however our specialist technicians are experts and can re-service your alloys when required.

Keep an eye out for milky patches on your alloys, which may be an indicator that water has started to seep under the lacquer, then email us or give us a call and we can advise what you should do to prevent further damage.